As we all know, social media is becoming more and more important when it comes to communication with the world. You want every one to know who you are and what you are doing. LNR Publishing will help you set up and manage your social media so your customers will have easy access to your show schedules, recordings that you have for sale and any pics or promotional items that you have available.

From the marketer’s perspective images are also a great thing, because they double the chances of exposure. Your image has separate metadata from your post, and when that metadata is set properly you have another, separate search result generated from the same location, which helps your search optimization.

If you aren’t already using images in your posts extensively and originally, there are two web apps that will make it easy to get started, PIcMonkey and Canva. Canva has a very nice and extensive collection of free templates and tools, and there are options for paid templates as well.

Enough talk. Just contact us and let’s see what LNR Publishing can do for you!